Luminous Retrofit for converting normal inverter to Solar inverter

Luminous Retrofit helps to convert existing normal inverter to solar inverter. It will be useful for homes having an existing inverter system to upgrade to solar system without investing more. They can use their existing inverter & battery along with new solar system.

Luminous Retrofit features

  • Convert Normal Inverter to Solar Inverter
  • 80% more efficient than normal solar charge controller
  • Big saving on electricity bills
  • ISOT – Automatic optimization for maximum solar power utilization
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Technical Specification

  • System Rating: 12Volt/20Amp
  • Battery type selection switch
  • Four charging modes: Auto/Manual/Charger/100%Solar
  • Compatible to connect with 100Wp – 400Wp @ 12V Solar PV module
  • Operating temperature range – 0˚C to 45˚C

We supply Luminous solar products in Trissur, Ernakulam, Alappuzha, Kottayam & Idukki districts.

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